Research  Projects

  1. Heterogeneous  Catalysis :  Alcohol  Elimination  Reactions  Catalyzed  by  Transition  Metal  Oxides  in  the  Gas  Phase  and  Liquid  Phase.
  2. Oxidation  Reaction  of  Organic  Compounds.
  3. Removal  of  Toxic  Maters  Using  Oxidation  Reactions.
  4. Preparation  of  Activated  Carbon  from  Corn  Cabe ,  Peanut  Shell  and  other  Agricultural  Waste  Material  and  its  uses  for  removal  of  Pyridine ,  Cr(VI) ,  Lead  and  other  heavy  matal  from  Water.

Research  Facilities

GC (BAIF,SO 206) coupled with gas – phase microcatalytic system, Manual Surface Area Measurement system, Particle size analyzer ,  U – V – Visible  Spectromer ,  Tub  Furnaces  etc.

Important  Applications

Material  Characterization , Kinetic  Measurements  etc.


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