Chemical Kinetics Laboratory

Research  Projects

  1. High temperature gas phase kinetics studies of unimolecular reactions using static techniques and development of theoretical kinetics models based on ab-initio and RRKM formulation using ChemRate software.
  2. Thermal decomposition studies of coal, polymer and soft wood lignin using flash pyrolysis gas-chromatographic technique and TGA.

Research  Facilities

  1. Gas Chromatograph Shimadzu GC-2010 plus, equipped with flame ionization, thermal conductivity detectors etc (having options for packed and capillary analysis) with auto injector and 6 port gas sampling valve
  2. High vacuum static system for thermal activation studies with rotary and diffusion pumps
  3. Pirani gauge for measurement of vacuum
  4. Manometers for pressure measurement
  5. Leak detector etc

Important  Applications
Applications in atmospheric, combustion, and interstellar chemistries


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