Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and Tribology Laboratory

Research Projects

  1. Synthesis and characterization of uniform fine particles of various inorganic functional materials
  2. Evaluation of antiwear properties of vegetable oils in the presence chemical additives
  3. Enhancement of antiwear performance of commercial lubricating greases with lime-derived calcium carbonate nanoparticles.
  4. Development of corrosion and wear-resistant metal-matrix composite coatings on metal substrates by electrodeposition process
  5. Production of zinc oxide powders, composed of particles of uniform and different microstructures
  6. Role of particles morphology in the gas sensing properties of various metal oxide powders, composed of uniform fine particles of different morphologies
  7. Synthesis and characterization of uniform fine particles of metal oxides for the fabrication of humidity sensor.
  8. Synthesis and characterization of pigment nanoparticles for use in the production of high quality cosmetic products
  9. Production of bimetallic thin films by electrochemical processes
  10. Evaluation of wear resistance of Ni-Metal oxide nanocomposite coating in the absence and presence of different types of lubricating oils and greases.

Research  Facilities
Scanning Electron Microscope, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer, Microhardness tester, Four-Ball-Tribometer, Gas sensor assembly, Electrodeposition set-up, and other basic equipments, as pH-meter, conductivity meter, ultrasonic bath, cutting & polishing machines, etc.
Important  Applications
Electronic industry, piezoelectric materials, gas sensors, sun-screening agents, cosmetics, low and high temperature lubricants, corrosion, adsorption, catalysis, antibacterial agents,  solar cells, UV protection, dental cements, photocatalytic decontamination, pigments, nanofluids,  etc

Submitted by,
Associate Prof.  Dr. Khalida Akhtar,
Lab Incharge


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