Surface Chemistry / Ion Exchange Labs

Research Projects

  1. Removal of toxic metal ions from drinking water using different metal oxides/hydroxides.
  2. Transportation of heavy metal ions through Saccharomyces cerevisiae & other biomasses.
  3. Cation exchange behavior of metal phosphates
  4. Anion/ cation exchange behavior of different  resins
  5. Adsorption of dyes, organic solvents,   arsenate, vanadate, selenate, phosphates, and chromate on metal oxides, nanopowder oxides, oxides, binary mixed oxides, activated and iron activated carbons.

Research Facilities
Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer AA 800,
Spectronic 20
Zeta Potentiometer
Important Applications
Purification of Water, Medicines, Industrial effluents, Nuclear Power Plants


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