Polymers / Electrochemistry Labs

Research  Projects

  1. Investigation  on  Interaction  between  Surfactant  and  Co Polymers
  2. Synthesis  and  Characterization  of  Multi  Responsive  Hybrid  Polymeric  Gel.
  3. Thermal  Stability  and  Mechanical  properties  of  Polymer  Graphene  Composites
  4. Conversion  of  Waste  Polymeric  Materials  in to  Hydrocarbon  Fuels  etc
  5. Rheological  and  Conductance  Studies  for  Lithium  Polymer Composites
  6. Optical  Thermal  and  Morphological  Properties  of  Polymer  Composites
  7. Preparation  and  Characterization  of  Polymer – Carbon  Nanotube  Composites
  8. Synthesis  of  Binary  and  Ternary  Polymer  Blends
  9. Synthesis and Characterization of  Intrinsically  Conducting Polymers, Copolymers, Blends  and  Composites.
  10. Theoretical Studies of the Structural Optimization of  the  Synthesized Materials.

Research  Facilities
LCR Hi – Tester  Model 3522 – 50  Kioki  Japan ,  Brice Phoenix Differential Refractometer Model PB – 2000 v,  PB – 3000 and PB – 3000 D  Phoenix Precision Light Scattering Photometer, Carbon Fibre Apparatus Model by U.E.T  Peshawar  Pakistan, Milipore Water Purification System,  AC  Impedance  Analyzer ,  Rheometer  ,  Conductivity  Meter  ,  Potentiostate / Galvanostate, In situ UV – Vis Spectroelectrochemical  Set  up.
Important  Applications
Coating,  Paints, Carbon  Nanotubes,  Batteries,  Sensors &  Biosensors,  Corrosion Protection,  Solar  Cells,  Fuel  Cells.


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