Radiation and Environmental Chemistry Labs


Research Projects

  1. Removal of toxic Organic Compounds from water using radiation chemistry or photocatalysis, such as pesticides, dyes, POPs and pharmaceuticals from drinking and wastewater using Advance Oxidation Processes (AOPs), Experimental kinetics and product analysis for pollution control in industrial effluents.
  2. Toxicity evaluation of industrial wastewater treated by advanced oxidation process.
  3. Environmental applications of Advance Oxidation Technologies (AOTs) : Removal of toxic chemicals, such as THMs )disinfection’s by-products) and MTBE (a common fuel oxygenate) from drinking water and computer simulation of kinetic processes for commercial applications of the technologies.
  4. New analytical methods for the detection of irradiated foods (TL method, ESR, DNA Comet Assay and PSL methods) : Development and standardization of methods.
  5. Synthesis of hetrostructured nanoparticles and photo-catalytic applications.
  6. Development and calibration of Radiation Dosimetry systems for Food Irradiation, Radiation Processing, Low dose radiations etc.
  7. Radioactive contamination of foods, soil and environmental samples using gamma spectroscopy.
  8. Kinetics and radiation and photochemistry of aqueous solutions.
  9. Application of electrochemically generated bromine atom free radical in biological systems.
  10. Radiation Assist Pt-Ru electrocatalyst modified with various non precious metals for methanol oxidation.
  11. Reaction of Primary electro-oxidation(PEOP) of Bromide ion with DNA Components and DNA.

Research facilities
GC with CTC autosampler, HPLC, Ion Chromatography (IC) with Particle into Liquid facility (for gaseous sample analysis), Varian AMS – 200  UV visible spectrometer with Computer, Perkin – Elmer LS – 50B Scanning Luminescence Spectrophotometer, Millipore Water Purification System, Fluorometer, Cyclic voltammetry instruments.

Important Applications
Environmental analysis of waste water from different industries (leather, paper, textile, pharmaceutical industries, etc.), Export of irradiated foods, Clean water supply industry, Radioactive protection of public, Food Preservation, Kinetics and mechanism of Pollutant Processes, Fuel cells.


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